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Touching You, Touches Me

As a teacher I cnstantly think to myself if I have touched a child’s life in a positive way. Yesterday a former student visited me and she reminded me of how little things that I may not necessarily see as important can mean the world or make a difference in a life. She did say that she loved the projects we did in class and enjoyed me as a teacher. That little comment from her, innocent and all, meant so much to me. Sometimes we need confirmation that we are doing great in our respective careers and I’m grateful that I am able to touch and change lives.


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Being Thankful

Today as I was preparing to go to mid-week bible study, I had my brother doing a few things for me. As I watched him, I felt the need to just say I LOVE YOU. He does so much for me and I am so thankful for him. Not only am I thankful for him and his help, but for the rest of my family also. They do so much for me and I’m thankful for them daily. We take things for granted and only when they are gone do we realize how important they are/were. Find something to be thankful for daily.

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My Father’s Birthday


Today is my father’s birthday. I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him and wish him many more. I hope he has enjoyed this day and it has been a blessing to him.

My father and I have a really weird relationship, in my opinion. We don’t interact with one another as the rest of the family does and it may be due to resentment on my part. As a child my father embarassed me and I have not gotten over it. I also think he treats me differently than the other children in the family. Don’t get me wrong, I do love him, I just wish we had a better relationship. Anyway, today is his day, so he’ll be right all day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DADDY.


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100 Things



A list of things about me that you probably wished you didn’t know


  1. I lovethe Lord. He is my strength.
  2. I love reading. Will read just about any type of book.
  3. I have 6 siblings…by my mom.
  4. I’m the 3rd child, 2nd girl
  5. I was the first child to attend college in my family
  6. I graduated high school salutatorian of my class.
  7. I have graduated 3 times in my life; high school, college, post college…my parents have never seen me graduate.
  8. I went back to school, with the help of my mom, after my life changing accident
  9. I love my mom very much
  10. I don’t tell her enough
  11. I’m a procrastinator
  12. I love teaching
  13. I’m afraid of heights
  14. I’ve broken both of my wrists…right, fighting my oldest brother; left, fell playing outside in the 6th grade
  15. I put a huge gash in my temple playing outside
  16. I had to receive stitches
  17. I’m afraid of rodents
  18. I’m afraid of animals, basically all…cats, dogs, etc.
  19. I eat a lot of candy
  20. I’m stubborn
  21. At one point, I was the youngest teacher at the school
  22. Childbirth frightens me
  23. I love to sing, but will no longer sing in public
  24. I once sang in the choir at church
  25. I’m over the youth at my church
  26. I have conversations with myself
  27. On more than one occasion, I have gotten into arguments with teachers
  28. I grammatically correct people in my head
  29. Marriage scares me
  30. I don’t trust people easily
  31. I love to listen to music, mostly gospel
  32. CeCe Winans is my favorite artist
  33. I think shopping is awesome
  34. I never wear the same outfit in less than two weeks
  35. I’m only 5’0”
  36. I love wearing heels
  37. I don’t take naps, I SLEEP
  38. People say I look like my grandma, I resent that
  39. I always wanted to be a cheerleader
  40. I attended my very first football game in college
  41. I love lying in the grass
  42. I love spending time alone
  43. I want to paint my room a darker color, but my mom’s not having it…lol
  44. I watch a LOT of soap operas
  45. I like comedies
  46. I do not watch scary movies
  47. My first time going to the movies was to see Rugrats, it was a birthday present. Yes, I was excited.
  48. I watch Monk faithfully
  49. I once cried because I was too sleepy to watch it and knew I would miss it
  50. I’m selfish
  51. My siblings mean the world to me
  52. I’m pretty sure I have a weird way of showing it
  53. I got my first job teaching after high school
  54. My first flight, I cried like a baby.
  55. I was traveling alone to Washington, DC
  56. I was only in the 11th grade
  57. I have one C on my college transcript
  58. Trigonometry is not my friend
  59. I took the ADSVAB and passed
  60. My highest score was on a section that women were not permitted to hold
  61. I enlisted in the military, for money
  62. I am very particular and picky about what I eat
  63. I don’t eat pork
  64. I only date men older than me
  65. I love fashion
  66. I check websites such as mediatakeout and tmz faithfully
  67. I’m Adventist
  68. I got baptized at the age of 15
  69. I plan on getting re-baptized
  70. I died twice…really, in 2004
  71.  My father and I have a weird relationship
  72. I don’t know how to improve it
  73. My closest relationship is with someone I’ve never met
  74. While I was in the hospital I was given morphine, which I enjoyed
  75. Most of the road trips I have taken have been sponsored and paid for by others
  76. I get very irritable when I’m sleepy
  77. I’m afraid to taste squash
  78. I no longer get a relaxer in my hair
  79. I will only let my beautician wash and straighten my hair
  80. I once had two guys…at the same time, teach me how to roller skate.
  81. One of those same guys taught me how to drive a stick shift.
  82. I’m somewhat shy
  83. I like to converse with people who have a sense of humor
  84. I have more male friends than female friends
  85. I would rather hang out with a child than an adult any day
  86. I can be very sarcastic
  87. I’m afraid of failing, at anything
  88. I will only paint my nails clear
  89. I can’t swallow pills
  90. I don’t like cold weather
  91. I think I look great in turtlenecks
  92. I don’t show my feelings with my family and friends often
  93. I wrestle with the idea of getting a tattoo
  94. I don’t like working on teams…unless I’m the leader
  95. I’m a good listener
  96. My friends come to me for advice
  97. I can name cars by make and model upon first sight
  98. I didn’t enjoy my physical therapy
  99. I can cook, but only boyfriends and exes know.

100. I played football with the boys in the neighborhood…I was the only girl




Wow, this was harder than I thought.

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I welcome all to this new and fabulous blog. It’s me in a new and never before seen light. Anything you want to know about me, you may just find it here. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and welcome to my world. My take on things may not be correct, but that’s ok, it’s my take…lol. I do hope you find a blessing and enjoyment in reading.   When you are touched or just want to let your presence be known, leave a message. PLEASE KEEP IT CLEAN.



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