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It’s Saturday morning at our household and here we go again…lol.

KiKi: Grandma, can I take my dog to church with me?
My mom: Yeah, you can take it with you in the van, but not in the church. we don’t take toys in the church.
KiKi: Okay….I’m going to do the same thing with my DS.
My mom: Come back here, you not taking no BS with you, leave that here.
Buddie and I start laughing
Buddie: No, ma, it’s not BS it’s a DS.
My mom: Oh, I didn’t know what it was called.


Me: Kripher, come here.
KiKi: Some people call him Kripher, but I call him Kristopher.
Me: Kristopher, come here.


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Sabbath Scripture

1 Samuel 15:22-24

22 But Samuel replied,
“What is more pleasing to the Lord:
your burnt offerings and sacrifices
or your obedience to his voice?
Listen! Obedience is better than sacrifice,
and submission is better than offering the fat of rams.
23 Rebellion is as sinful as witchcraft,
and stubbornness as bad as worshiping idols.
So because you have rejected the command of the Lord,
he has rejected you as king.”
24 Then Saul admitted to Samuel, “Yes, I have sinned. I have disobeyed your instructions and the Lord’s command, for I was afraid of the people and did what they demanded.

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Even Mom Barks

Jay: Woof, woof and other dog sounds.
Mom: Where y’all get all this barking and howling from?
Me: Ma, what’s going on? Whatcha talking about?
Mom: All this barking and stuff. I don’t know where they get that mess from.
Me: Who?
Mom: All of them. Jay, Buddie…everytime you see Kristopher he’s howling and barking. pause They say they get it from Buddie.
Me: What they do?
Mom starts barking and howling.
Me: lol
Mom: Now they have me barking.

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Today I thought that I would write about things that puzzle me. This list can and may change whenever the fancy strikes me.

1. Why do people like to crowd around my door and hold conversations that are much too loud?
2. Why do children run through houses?
3. Why is it only cool in the house when certain people visit?
4. Why does the word “potty” bring the same emotions to a child as the word “death”?
5. Why do some people talk loudly to one another; people who are clearly within whispering distance.
6. Why aren’t some people taught how to properly close doors?
7. Why do people expect you to answer questions that are clearly rhetorical?
8. Why do people delegate you to do things that you are clearly not interested in? Should I expect to get compensated?
9. Why does my brother get nervous, yes it’s that apparent, whenever he enters my room?
10. Why do people think that they should be trusted, ALWAYS?

Just a few things that puzzle me currently. Enjoy.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Happy Birthday Cane

Happy Birthday, Cane. I hope you enjoy your day and that it is a blessing.

Okay, enough about her, now it’s time for me…lol. I’m just kidding, it’s your day. Although I do realize that as she gets older, so do I, inching closer and closer to another that number. Makes me feel old.

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Here We Go Again…

We are at church and I already know it’s gonna be one of those days where I am gonna need to stay focused or I’m gonna be lost and not be able to experience the power of the Lord speaking.

To start things off, we sing an unusual amount of songs in preparation for the elders to come out. Tell me how long could it possibly take to pray and give a scripture in that pastor’s office? Well, they finally emerge and the service proceeds. It’s time for the call to worship, doxology, affirmation of faith, and invocation. Wait, who is supposed to be doing the invocation? The audience looks on as the elders try to relay to another elder that he is to do the invocation and that time is now. Can we get this together, already?

Okay after that, things seem to be back on track, for the most part. UH, OH, spoke too soon. It’s time for pastoral remarks. I know I’m wrong for this, but I decide to time these remarks just to see how long they are gonna take. Reminder to self: Next week when I plan the service make sure the pastoral remarks are close to the end of service. Can you believe they took almost ten, count them 10, minutes. Okay can we move on, please?

I found out that the children don’t know who Satan is, but know who the devil is…teachable moment.

It is now for tithes and offering and guess who’s in charge of that part. Here we go again…and if you are wondering, yes it was messed up again, just not as bad.

After all of this, I am determined to get something out of the word. Thank God we had an excellent speaker today. I MUST invite him to speak at one of our youth day programs.

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