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Last night as I watched Barack Obama give his speech in St. Paul, I felt a great deal of pride and allegiance. The speech was possibly one of the best I had heard. Now he is a great speaker, but last night there was something different with his look and tone. One could see the humility on his face as well as the determination to move on. As an African-American, I am proud of what he has been able to accomplish. As an American, I am prouder of what this country has allowed to occur.

I know that the road ahead for Barack and his family is going to be a long one, but just as he took one day at a time in the primary, he will take one day at a time in the general election. I believe in his campaign and I  that he is the best candidate for president. But besides all of that, I think that right now we should put aside all of the disagreements and reflect on what this great moment in history means and how it will/will not make a difference for the future.

So for me, I congratulate you, Barack Obama, on this major accomplishment and milestone.


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