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This weekend was a holiday one, but it was also very long, and I bet I can get a couple of people, who shall remain nameless, to agree. Spending time together is good and all, but overexposure and too much time together can be a very bad thing.

Thursday was hectic and when we finally arrived at our destination, I was so tired I went to bed, while others kept me awake stayed up talking and laughing.

Friday, the 4th, was great. The food was great. The dancing was great. The fireworks were spectacular. The impound truck looking for cars to tow, NOT GREAT.

Sabbath services at Breath of Life, Memphis were awesome. Really enjoyed the service and the members were so warm.

Seems like I had a great weekend. Yes, it was all good, but it was so tiring and loud that I knew my limit and was ready to go home.

Thanks Mr. Washington and the future Mrs., I’ll be back in a year or two or five, but no sooner AND ALONE….LOL.


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I should be filling out my application for my teaching license, but instead I’m doing what, blogging. Procrastination is not good in this case. I need the license in order to teach because my current license expires next month. But even if they didn’t expire and I had another year left on them, I should be more proactive in completing the application because I have completed my master’s and therefore will be paid more with that on my license.

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