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Last night NuNu and I were talking on the phone to Keisha. Keisha was asking NuNu random questions and she was answering and Keisha and I were amazed and laughing at her responses. So, Keisha asks NuNu will she sing a song for her. NuNu says yes, but doesn’t say anything. Instead she starts fiddling with a water bottle that is sitting on the bed. She knocks the bottle over and the water rushes leaks out onto the bed. I completely lose it and starts scolding her. She looks at me, and I tell her to get out of my room. She doesn’t move or say anything. I sit the bottle upright and NuNu begins singing, “Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so.” I am taken aback and immediately feel horrible for screaming and losing it over some water spilled. I apologize and she leaves as if nothing had happened.

Not only did she show me that I over-reacted, but I believe that God used her to show that we all mess up, but Jesus still loves us.


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