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I’ve been MIA it seems like forever, but it’s only been a couple days. I know, I know… I know I was truly missed. lol.

Well, anyway, here’s my update for the past few days:

  • I now have a new brother b/c my sister got married.
  • I can admit I was wrong, b/c all the people here wasn’t bad at all. I actually enjoyed myself. Maybe it was the occasion or the people or just me, whatever it may have been, I was okay with the family and friends.
  • The house is relatively quiet now; NuNu and Key have their moments.
  • Revival started at my church Saturday night and that first night, the sight of all those kids in my care almost made me faint, seriously. NO JOKE!!!
  • I am now comfortable with the kids and I do think they enjoy learning about Jesus and the Bible songs I teach them.
  • After telling NuNu to put her dress down b/c little girls don’t raise their dresses, she replied with “I’m a woman.” Wow, news to me.
  • And one last thing, the Olympics have been fantastic.

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