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This week the Democratic party held their convention in Denver. This is my first time following politics so closely and I was intent on paying attention to all that was sure to come. I followed the speeches and events nightly and thought I was going to be disappointed thinking the Dems were missing key opportunities to reach new and undecided voters. That was until last night. Last night was amazing…just spectactular. Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech as the Democratic Presidential Nominee. More on that later, let me do my recap first.

The first night Michelle Obama spoke and did a great job reintroducing herself to the public and putting the questions concerning her love for country to rest. Sen. Hillary Clinton spoke Tuesday and she came out punching as well, urging her supporters to support Barack Obama because they weren’t involved in this election because of her, it was for America’s well-being. I thought that was an excellent point. On Wednesday, former President Clinton spoke and did great, as expected. In his speech he expressed that critics said that he, too was inexperienced. And we all know how successful his administration was. After all the wonderful speeches, I was ready to hear from Barack Obama.

Barack Obama came out and I thought he was going to be the same Obama I had seen in the past. At first, he was the same Obama, but he got into his speech and I saw a different, tougher Obama. He spelled out the issues and supplied answers to how he would get those issues solved. I saw the passion on his face and heard it in his voice. On the 45th anniversary of the “I Have A Dream” speech, Barack Obama delivered a message of hope and change and a call for a new America.


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