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Grieving In Silence

Grieving is a part of healing. I know that. What I can’t comprehend is “how long does one grieve and when does it become unhealthy?” I have been grieving in silence for 3 months now and I’m a little worried about the way that I’m feeling about Celle’s passing. I want to talk to someone  and express how I’m feeling, but not just anyone. There are about 3 people who I would truly feel comfortable having a conversation about him with, but the sad thing is, neither of them know that I need and want to talk to them about Celle. I really don’t know how long  after I’ve had the conversation with these people that it’s going to take for me to feel better, but in the past, talking about him has made me feel better. I just miss him so much, even I don’t understand it. The way that I feel, one would think that I was in a relationship with him. Maybe I feel this way because I really and truly thought of him as famly and it’s like a family member is gone. I will never forget him and what he did for me.



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