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and I still don’t know how I feel



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Keep Cane in Prayer

My oldest sister Cane has been having trouble breathing and I just ask that the blogging community keep her in prayer as the problem is diagnosed and she is treated, and most of all healed.

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Yuck, That’s A Mess

I was in my room eating ramen noodles today and I had splashed a little of the juice on the bed. Key came in and looking around, picked up a dvd with a duck on it. He came over to the bed and told me to look at the duck. I looked, then he said, “duck, say quack quack”. He sat the dvd on the bed next to me then I guess he realized I was eating. He said, “noodles”, I was like yeah, noodles. He kept looking at the bowl, then he looked at the stain from the juice that had splashed on the bed and said, “yuck”. I looked at him like “what” and if to say that wasn’t enough he then said even louder “that’s a mess”. Then he walked out.

I’m going to get that little boy when he gets older.

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Key is still surprising, amazing and keeping us laughing. That little boy is a trip.

Tonight Key was sitting at the head of the bed and his mom wanted him to change sides. She told him to go to the other side and he responded, “I’m sitting right here.” So she said in a pleading voice, “you need to go to the other side of the bed”. Key waited about 5 seconds, so his mom added, “you’re gonna fall if you don’t go to the other side”. Key started to move to the other side and surprising both me and his mom said, “Shoots”. We both looked at each other and started laughing. We were both wondering ‘where did this boy get shoots from?

I can tell we are in for the time of our lives with Key. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!

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We will be getting a new pastor next month. I have absolutely no idea why the “big shots” in Nashville do this to us every couple of years. I really like my pastor. He’s young, motivated, and more people have come through our church doors since he’s been there than I can even count. He’s done really good, in my opinion. I don’t know who we’re getting, but I know we’re losing a great pastor. I hope he had a great time leading us.

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