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1 Room, 2 Beds

It’s a new year and guess who started off the year by giving the first sermon of the year….Bro. J. But before he even got started with the “sermon” , Buddie and I were already laughing at Sis. Richards and her comments. I can already feel it, it’s going to be a great yesr.

Ms. Smith was doing the announcements and she mentioned the Message magazine. My mom told the people that the magazines came to the church because she didn’t have addresses to send them out to people. Sis. Richards replied, “I thought I gave you my addresses”, which my mom replied with a no. Sis. Richards then commented to herself, “I guess I’ll have to write it down next time so I won’t forget.” Now that was okay and me and Buddie thought nothing of it, but then she added, “then I’ll forget to read the note.” Buddie started laughing so hard.

That was just the kicker, then Bro. J came up and did his thing. I thought the sermon was going to be okay, but then he started talking about a woman at his house sleeping in his room, but in a different bed. We were like “what.” Sis. Richards said, “I didn’t know that.” And if that wasn’t enough, he started talking about raping and killing and gays.  We didn’t know what was going on. We are just sitting there in disbelief at what this man is saying and are totally shocked. I’m thinking this man is crazy, but that’s Bro. J. It is what it is.

This is how we start the decade off, weird, but in good spirits.


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