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I found myself tonight questioning a lot of things, including where I am in my present life. I sometimes feel like I can question, but at other times I’m like “who are you to question anything, just be grateful that you’re still here and got another chance.” But it seems that whenever I do start, I break down and start crying and that gets me nowhere. I hate crying everytime I think about my situation and what has become of me as an individual and all that I am. I just want to be better, more useful, and happier. I’m thankful daily that I was spared, but sometimes one questions “WHY?”

Then I look at what some people oftentimes ask, “why do bad things happen to good people?” But who’s to say they’re a good person. Yes, to you the person may appear to be good, but that’s only what you see and the encounters you may have with them. How is their heart and motives, things not visible or on display? I know that some things we bring on ourselves, but sometimes I still find myself asking “why?”

Thanks for friends like Marcus who is there to talk to and make me smile. When I called him all I said was that I’m sad and he took it from there. He was truly a God-send in my life


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