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God’s Love for Man


The love of God is evident all around us, just look at nature, it speaks of His love. When God made the Earth it was without decay and blemishes, but as a result of sin, which counteracts with love, suffering and death appeared. Even as the ground was cursed, God used it in His plan to lift Him up and draw us closer to Him. The toil of the Earth was meant to prepare sinners for the uplifting of God.


God has shown His abounding love throughout nature and in heaven, but the enemy has sought to mistake good for evil. He wants us not to see the love of God, but to fear him. And instead of bickering with the enemy, God showed His love again by sending His Son to save those who are lost. Jesus is God manifest in the flesh. Jesus showed love, mercy, kindness, and compassion while on earth.


It was to save us from certain death, that Jesus lived, suffered and died. God loves us not because of Christ, but He sent Christ because He loves us so dearly. Christ is the medium through which we go to God. No one else can intercede for us, only Christ. “He took man’s nature, that He might reach man’s wants.”


When we see what Jesus has done for us, we should realize how special we are and how much the Father loves us and is willing to sacrifice. “By assuming human nature, Christ elevates humanity.”


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