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She’s Baaaaccckkk



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Step Out on Faith

This evening while praying and meditating, I was instructed by the Holy Spirit to call an individual and tell them that they are having problems because God wants to use them and the individual is resisting.

I got that message and immediately froze. I was so scared to convey that message, because it is so out of character for me to do something like that. After I finished my prayer, I thought of all kinds of reasons why I shouldn’t call and tell the individual. Some reasons included were that I would do it later, I was scared, I didn’t know what to say, etc.  The Spirit came back and told me, “if I told you to do it, I’ll give you the words.”

I called the individual and relayed the message to them and told them they need to step out on faith. After talking to them, they said they really needed that and thanked me. I explained that it wasn’t me, but God.

Now I need to practice what I preach and step out on faith and when I’m told to do something, just do it. He’s still working on me.

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Fish Funny

Buddie came in my room yesterday and said so proudly, “we got whitening fish and grits” and left out.

I was left wondering “what in the world is whitening fish.”


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Happy Birthday Keiland

Keiland Markel was born today at 12:48 weighing in at 6lbs 10 ozs.

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Keep Cane in Prayer

My oldest sister Cane has been having trouble breathing and I just ask that the blogging community keep her in prayer as the problem is diagnosed and she is treated, and most of all healed.

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I Love You, Too

It may not be a big deal to you, but since it’s been a minute since I’d heard it from him, I decided to write it down so I wouldn’t forget.

My dad told me that he loved me last night, but it was kind of weird b/c after he uttered the words, he said he didn’t know why and asked me did I know why. Now how weird is that?

I guess he has his own way of expressing feelings. It’s all good though.

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UniverSoul Circus


We went to the UniverSoul Circus in Memphis about 2 weeks ago. It was AMAZING!!!!!” I had so much fun and really enjoyed the show. I was sitting really close to the performers and even sometimes too close, as in the case when the elephants came out. Although the show was kind of fast-paced, it was well worth the money and time. It lasted about 2 1/2 hours and was filled with acts throughout. The only act I was truly unable to watch was the one in which the girls and boy twisted their bodies in all these weird positions. That was too much for me. But, overall, it was GREAT.

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