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Happy Memorial Day

Soldiers Graphic

Memorial Day Graphic


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Happy Mother’s Day


Mother's Day
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Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, grandmothers, siblings, sister-in-laws, aunts, cousins and friends. You are all special in your own way and I hope you enjoy your special day.

One final note: Sorry to burst your bubble, but my mom is the BEST. No one can compete. 

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Christmas yesterday was really nice. I think NuNu and Key were just ecstatic with their gifts and had tons of fun unwrapping presents. This scene described hadn’t been experienced here in a few years. For some unknown reason, Christmas, for the most part, had become just another day around these here parts. But with our little ones, we are having Christmas again. I even got excited and did just a little bit of shopping. I’m glad it’s back and I hope everyone had a great time yesterday.

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I hope that everyone has/had a very Merry Christmas and blessed day, full of loved ones and much happiness. Remember the reason for the season.

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I thought there was nothing that I really wanted for Christmas besides a video camera and with that being the only request, I would be buying that myself. Well, a couple of days ago I found something that I absolutely fell in love with:

Gotta Have Gospel 6 (Bonus Dvd)

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By the time this posts, hopefully I’ll be in Texas after riding allllll night long.

I’ve decided to give my mom a trip to Texas to visit my sis as her Christmas present. When I awoke this morning I didn’t know that traveling to Texas would be in my future, but since my mom deserves it so very much and wanted to “get out the house”, it seemed harmless. So, we’re headed there for a couple of days. And to think, my mom only wanted a digital camera and some baking supplies for Christmas. If I have to say so myself, I think she’d much rather have the trip, but knowing her, she wants all of the aforementioned gifts.

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