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Key may not know what he’s going to be when he grows up, but NuNu is determined to be a cheerleader. Don’t know what brought about this, but there are strong feelings toward this career/occupation.

On another note, just a reflection of the past week’s events:

  • I’m proud that Barack Obama is the President of the United States of America. A lot of people went through a lot of different things over the years in order for this to happen and I’m glad that as a country we were able to do this.
  • Although President Obama is now in office, this by no means says that the work is done. Equality and justice should be the driving force for a better nation.
  • Service to others seems much more important to me. I desire to do more for others.
  • I’m glad George Bush was elected President. In a way, he made it possible for Barack Obama.

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President Barack Obama, right, is congratulated by daughter ...

Today the United States of America got a new president, President Barack Obama. There are no words to truly express how I feel and what the moment meant to me and so many others. I am hopeful that things will change and for the better. President Obama has inspired a generation and touched many of lives, but the inspiration should not end today, but begin and continue on. We Are One and together we will and can get through anything.

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I don’t usually use this blog for political discussions, but I can’t resist marking and writing about what occurred earlier this week.

Tuesday this great nation elected its first African-American president, Barack Obama. This is a historical moment and many people had various feelings and emotions concerning this milestone. Amidst all the crying and celebrating, some people were left saddened and in a state of shock and disbelief. I can only imagine how those who had hoped for a different outcome must be feeling. I don’t know what they are going through and realize it will take time to get over that fact, but I can say we are all in this together and we must move forward together.


As I sit and think about what lies ahead for President-elect Obama, I’m hopeful and afraid at the same time. I’m hopeful because of the possibilities and afraid because of the pressure that I feel the world will put on this one man’s shoulders. He can’t fix this nation alone and I fear for those who think he can and for those who blame him for when he doesn’t. We are all Americans, and although he will hold the highest office, he’s only human and will need all of us to step up and take responsibility for ourselves while working together as a nation. This is only the first step in a series of steps in getting us back on track and being prosperous. Where we go from here is determined by what we do from here.

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Get Out and Vote


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My Thursday’s Thoughts are political once again. It came to me after watching numerous rallies in Pennsylvania over the past week.


You may think that your vote is worth as much as any other citizen of the United States, but sorry I must “burst your bubble”.  I can’t allow you to continue living a lie and in denial. Unless you live in one of the designated “swing states”, your vote may not mean that much. If you do not believe me, ask yourself “how many times have the candidates been to your state campaigning?” How much money is being spent on advertisements and calls in your area? If that number is really low or maybe even zero, then you’re not worth as much as say, “a swing state voter or independent”, in the campaigns’ eyes.

I don’t understand why voters don’t complain when candidates don’t treat their vote as important as the next person. With the candidates spending so much time in every nook and cranny of PA, OH, FL, CO, NC, and probably a few others, I began to feel unappreciated. The electoral college makes this voting process seem unfair and makes it very apparent that my vote is not worth as much as a Floridian’s vote.

So I’m wondering: How much is your vote really worth?

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Today I’m just going to write about a few things that have been on my mind and have made me say, hmmm.

Here goes:

  • Why does John McCain insist that he has been tested? I may be missing something here, but when was he ever president? How can one be tested at a position that he/she has never occupied?

  • Why exactly did John McCain pick Sarah Palin?

  • Why didn’t Barack Obama pick Hillary Clinton?

  • Will Sarah Palin really donate her wardrobe to charity?

  • Will the votes from this election be counted fairly?

  • Why can’t somebody, anybody make a voting machine that REALLY works?

  • Is there really such a thing as a true Republican or a true Democrat?

  • Will the electoral college be done away with?

  • Why is Natasha nicknamed Sasha instead of Tasha?

  • Is it better to do early voting?

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