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So much has occurred this week that I thought I would write about being thankful for my father and mother.

I’m so thankful that my father is doing well. After the scare that he gave us, meaning the family,¬†earlier this week, I’m glad he is in essence okay. Truthfully I was never scared of the events that happened or overly concerned. When my mom told me that he was sick, I prayed about it and really didn’t think about it much. Like my brother was saying, “Daddy is okay, it’s just the situation.”¬† I’m thankful that even while all this was going on, my father never strayed from his humor. Not sure if it was a front for us, children and the wifey, but he was always in good spirits.

Not only am I thankful for my father, but my mother. She is one strong woman and her strength is shown daily, but when family is on the block her strength comes through like never before. She trudges even when I know she doesn’t feel like it. I’m thankful for all she does for me personally as well as the household.

I’m also thankful for family and friends who stepped up to assist, whether it was sending up prayers or lending a bed, when we came asking without notice.

As my dad says, “We are blessed and highly favored.”


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