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A Rough Week Ahead

Last week was one of those that I don’t wish on anyone. But thank the Lord, I’m doing much better and am now ready to tackle the upcoming weekend.

This weekend we are having our annual youth weekend, complete with a program and activities for the youth at church. This is the 2nd year and although I’ve done it before, I’m still a little apprehensive about it all going smoothly. I’m kind of a perfectionist when my name is attached to something, aren’t we all…lol.


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The Weekend Trip

This weekend the fam and I took a trip to Memphis. It was really fun and I truly enjoyed myself. We attended church at Breath of Life and because it was Women’s Day, the service was, IMO, extremely good and relatable.

Although I did not get the opportunity to go to a Mexican restaurant, I did get to go to my fav store, DollarTree. You see, while most people would choose to shop at a big box store or sommewhere extravagant, I’m into simple things. Put me in a Dollar Tree and I’m completely happy. I LOOOOVE me some Dollar Tree. I was not in the actual store long, but I picked up some great finds. Shopping is so relaxing.


After shopping, I was introduced to the best store bought pizza ever. My sister told me about Tony’s pizza and because I’m not into pizza that I’m required to bring home and cook, I was a little apprehensive. But let me tell you, that Tony’s Hamburger pizza was DELICIOUS. I have NEVER tasted a pizza so flavorful and just perfect.


Well, that was my weekend in a nutshell. Not a lot of hooplah, but I did get to see Key and that’s all I really needed.

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Church was excellent today. Lately, at least for me, church has truly been a blessing and today was no different. Bro. J gave the sermon and he used a house to illustrate the sermon. He pointed out that just as a house must be built on a strong foundation with strong supports and materials, so shall our lives, specifically our spiritual body. He brought to my attention that the things we put in our body are the things will come out. Today I was reminded to always and constantly build up my spiritual body.

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Who Knew….

Who knew that preparing 2 weeks of bible lessons for children would be so hard. I thought that teaching the kids would be a breeze, but notsomuch, especially when no people such as Joseph or Jonah or even Noah are mentioned. I have also had to deal with the fact that I have had a wide range of ages and have needed to keep them all interested and involved at the same time. Although difficult, the lessons have not only been for the kids, but I feel like I have benefitted tremendously.

The Evangelistic Series continues and tonight I have the topic of salvation planned for the kids. Preparing for this particular lesson was exciting and uplifting for me and I hope they enjoy it, understand it and give their life to Christ.

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I’ve been MIA it seems like forever, but it’s only been a couple days. I know, I know… I know I was truly missed. lol.

Well, anyway, here’s my update for the past few days:

  • I now have a new brother b/c my sister got married.
  • I can admit I was wrong, b/c all the people here wasn’t bad at all. I actually enjoyed myself. Maybe it was the occasion or the people or just me, whatever it may have been, I was okay with the family and friends.
  • The house is relatively quiet now; NuNu and Key have their moments.
  • Revival started at my church Saturday night and that first night, the sight of all those kids in my care almost made me faint, seriously. NO JOKE!!!
  • I am now comfortable with the kids and I do think they enjoy learning about Jesus and the Bible songs I teach them.
  • After telling NuNu to put her dress down b/c little girls don’t raise their dresses, she replied with “I’m a woman.” Wow, news to me.
  • And one last thing, the Olympics have been fantastic.

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He Came Through For Me

Last week I was worried because I hadn’t found a speaker for our youth day at church. It had gotten to the point where I was about to call my pastor and let him essentially “have it” and voice my opinion about me doing his job. That’s not something I get paid to do. But, I guess I’ll save that speech for next month, b/c my brother came through for me.

Kristopher did an awesome job speaking yesterday at church. If you’re wondering, no, it wasn’t a sermon but more like a discussion. He involved the congregation and got everyone talking about our church and the challenges we face. He invited me to discuss with him, but I didn’t say much, it really was all him. He showed maturity that often goes unrecognized and spoke very intelligently. Not only did he speak well, but he volunteered to do the children’s story and it was one that both the children and adults learned from. I am proud of him and thank him for what he did for me/us yesterday.

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All of us are used at some point in our lives, but now I’m a lil tired of being used. Here’s the scoop: My pastor informed me at the beginning of the year that we would have a youth day every month on the fourth Saturday. Now you would say, “that’s cool, so what?” Well, the kicker comes when he suggests that I be in charge of putting these programs together and selecting a speaker. If I’m not mistaken, “Isn’t that his job?” Doesn’t he get paid to beg recruit prospective speakers and invite them in “his” pulpit?

The first two months I was okay with finding speakers, but now notsomuch. My mood can sometimes change with the wind. I feel pressured and this month, because I’ve only been in my home church once, I feel rushed. With me feeling like this, it’s not a good sign for me, the pastor, or the upcoming church service.

What am I to do? I’m not even certain I’ll be in town this Saturday. I hope I have an epiphany or something soon. It’s not looking good though.

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