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He IM’ed Me

Key is at it again. He instant messaged me today. Already on the computer.
Key: Ok, Key want to talk to ya
Kimberly: how
Key:   hfhhhhhdhhhchchchcch chchhh
Kimberly: lol
Key: that was Key

Just wanted to share.


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Life Without the Internet

I have been living without the internet for over a week now. My laptop battery stopped working last Saturday and I thought I was going to diiiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!!!! I’m usually spend a tremendous amount of time on my laptop and I thought life without it would be torture, truly devastating. But luckily I have been using the time to reflect and in a sense refocus my life. So, in a sense it’s a good thing and was a blessing. I still don’t have a battery, so posts may be few and far between, so until I get a new battery and get “back in service” hold on and have patience with your girl.

Hopefully, I’ll be back reallllll soon

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