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It seems like I’ve been away foreva, but I’m here, once again. And while I’ve been away, I’ve been resting and getting my dreams on. I have no clue what these dreams mean and why I’m having them. Just know that they are extremely weird, but not frightening.  For example, this one dream goes a little like this:

My oldest sister was driving what appeared to be a van (why is she always in my dreams) down a busy city 3 lane street. Everything seemed to be normal, when apparently my sister missed her turn. Upon realizing she had missed her turn, she decided, instead of turning around and traveling in the opposite direction, she would put the vehicle in reverse and drive backwards down the highway.A cop who had been on the road, but on the oncoming traffic side didn’t appreciate this particular maneuver and put on sirens to alert her to pull over. Well, she decided NOT to oblige and continued to drive in reverse down the highway.

During this ordeal I’m in the back of the vehicle, along with Key, telling her the police wants her to stop. After a couple of minutes of this manic driving, she pulls into a gas station parking lot and locks the doors. The police order her to unlock the doors and when she doesn’t they ask me and I unlock them. They open the doors and see that I am feeding Key nuts. I have no idea the relevance of the nuts. They get my sister’s license and registration and check them out. After determining that she is no criminal, they simply tell her that it’s illegal to drive down the highway in reverse, duh, and allow her to leave.

After she pulled off, I was awakened.

As I write this post I realize this dream may have come from me watching Wanted so late at night.


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After writing this post where I unloaded a lot of my feelings concerning Celle and talking to his mom, I had a good night’s sleep. I slept really good both Saturday and Sunday nights, and I’m thankful for the turnaround. And with the turn-around has come some CRAZY dreams, I mean really weird, but I’ll take them if I can sleep.

One dream was about me climbing a mountain with a group of people. We were all racing to the top, but for some reason I had a purse. I put the race down and continued climbing up the hill. I looked around and someone had stolen my purse. I went back down the hill to look for the thief and the police were looking for me, to arrest me.lol. And to my amazement, the police were my sisters, Cane and Barbara. They started chasing after me, but I somehow fought them off and got away. After all the running, I awoke, thinking “this is crazy.”

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