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I’ve been MIA it seems like forever, but it’s only been a couple days. I know, I know… I know I was truly missed. lol.

Well, anyway, here’s my update for the past few days:

  • I now have a new brother b/c my sister got married.
  • I can admit I was wrong, b/c all the people here wasn’t bad at all. I actually enjoyed myself. Maybe it was the occasion or the people or just me, whatever it may have been, I was okay with the family and friends.
  • The house is relatively quiet now; NuNu and Key have their moments.
  • Revival started at my church Saturday night and that first night, the sight of all those kids in my care almost made me faint, seriously. NO JOKE!!!
  • I am now comfortable with the kids and I do think they enjoy learning about Jesus and the Bible songs I teach them.
  • After telling NuNu to put her dress down b/c little girls don’t raise their dresses, she replied with “I’m a woman.” Wow, news to me.
  • And one last thing, the Olympics have been fantastic.

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A Full House

Tonight’s the night that the house is packed!! Who would’ve thought that five bedrooms wouldn’t be enough to hold all of us. So, let the good and bad times roll this Sabbath evening. Laughter is sure to erupt at any moment.

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