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She Has Nice Ways



KiKi is here for the summer and I am enjoying her. She is sooooo sweet, but the thing I love the most about her is she is considerate of others and it is apparent.  When someone calls for her, she immediately responds with “coming”. I love that she does that to let the caller know that she hears then AND most importantly that she is on her way.

My aunt came to the house a few days ago and after meeting KiKi told her own daughter, “She has nice ways.”

I’m so proud to say THAT’S MY NIECE.


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Happy Birthday KiKi

Happy Birthday! Graphic

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ALWAYS Say “Thank You”

It’s funny how kids can make us self conscious and keep us “on our toes.” KiKi is making me think again.


Me: KiKi, will you move that plate for me?

KiKi: Sure

KiKi moves the plate and turns and looks at me. Unaware, I continue doing what I was doing.

KiKi: You’re welcome.

Me: Thank you.

I should’ve known she would correct me.

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I thought I’d share this because in actuality it was quite funny.

On the 4th of July, we were outside eating our barbecue, corn, and all the other delicious fixings. NuNu was so hungry that she got her plate before anyone and gulped it down in one bite ate it all up, being careful to chew her food completely. So NuNu eats and wants some more food. Pooh fixes her another plate, but this time she didn’t eat much. She leaves an ear of corn and some baked beans on the plate. I know that NuNu is going to be starving hungry in about an hour so I tell KiKi “take that corn in the house.” I look up and see KiKi take the corn off the plate with her hands and proceed into the house to put up for later. I immediately tell her that she doesn’t need to take it in the house, just put it back on the plate and throw it all in the garbage.

I now know that when I want something done, be specific with the instructions.

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Funnies from the Kids’ Mouths

A conversation between a 7 year old and a 2 year old.

KiKi: NuNu, let me bathe you.

NuNu: Let me bathe myself.


Me: Who’s on the computer?

NuNu: Kris.

Me: Kris isn’t here.

NuNu: Bunna.

Me: Bunna isn’t here.

NuNu: Some kid.

Me: Some kid? Are you a kid?

NuNu: I’m NuNu.

Me: Are you a boy?

NuNu: I’m a lil girl.

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It’s Saturday morning at our household and here we go again…lol.

KiKi: Grandma, can I take my dog to church with me?
My mom: Yeah, you can take it with you in the van, but not in the church. we don’t take toys in the church.
KiKi: Okay….I’m going to do the same thing with my DS.
My mom: Come back here, you not taking no BS with you, leave that here.
Buddie and I start laughing
Buddie: No, ma, it’s not BS it’s a DS.
My mom: Oh, I didn’t know what it was called.


Me: Kripher, come here.
KiKi: Some people call him Kripher, but I call him Kristopher.
Me: Kristopher, come here.

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