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Kris, Pastor Montgomery and myself were talking and getting to know one another after church today. The conversation wa s progressing and we were learning more and more about his life and we were sharing our experiences with him. Kris starts talking to him about my accident and how the doctors had lost me twice and all. After she said this, the pastor turned and looked at me and said, “so this is grace.” At that moment, something happened. Something in my spirit moved and I began thinking of myself, life and my purpose differently.

It’s been years and many people have commented about why I was spared that morning and others, but none of it ever registered as it did in that moment when the pastor declared that it was grace that saved me. I finally realized that I am here for a reason much greater than I could’ve ever imagined and most importantly, I can and should be used. That statement awakened me and I feel like a renewal is taking place in my life and this time I’m aware and along for the journey.

I have a greater desire for more of Jesus and to commune with Him on a deeper and more intimate level.

So thanks Pastor Montgomery, I’m gonna enjoy having you here leading us.



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I’m soooooooo sorry I didn’t get this posted on the actual dates, but do know that I was thinking of you and thanking God for allowing you both to have another birthday.

Happy Birthday! Graphic                                    Happy Birthday! Graphic

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Vitamin K Comes From What?

My friend is HILARIOUS!!!!!! One of the many reasons I luv her. Luv ya gurl.

So we’re catching up and this is how the conversation goes:

Me- I went to the doctor and they told me I need to come back in 2 weeks because my blood wasn’t clotting properly?

Her- How they know that?

Me- I had to get a shot in my finger and the blood just ran like water?

Her- Oh, well what will you need to take?

Me- Kris said that I’ll probably need Vitamin K?

Her- Vitamin K? Can’t you get that from Special K?

Me- What, lol? Wait a minute, lol?

 She realizes what she has said and starts laughing.

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Don’t Eat the Baby’s Food

Mama went to Greenville to run an errand, and although she didn’t think of me, brought Key some chicken home. I guess she assumed I had eaten already, wrong. Well anyway, she gives Kris the food and tells her to give it to Key because he’s hungry. Mom walks away and thinks nothing else of that normal request. When Mom returns Key is holding a bone. Thinking Key has eaten the chicken rather quickly, she questions Kris about the chicken. (Now this is crazy!!) Kris informs her that she didn’t give Key any chicken, only the bone because supposedly “he doesn’t eat chicken on the bone”. HILARIOUS. Guess who does eat chicken on the bone……..Kris. I can’t believe Kris ate that baby’s chicken and gave him the bone.

BTW, that chicken made them sick later on that night, excluding Key, because he only got a bone.

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A friend and I were having a conversation about punishment. Actually she was talking about the punishments she received as a child. As she was talking, she said, “You didn’t get punishments as a child.” WHATEVER….I have no idea where she got that from, because we got our behinds whooped. I remember the worst whooping I ever received. I now realize I was indeed in the wrong, but at the time I thought my dad was wrong for disciplining me.

Well, here is how the story goes:
My dad had just installed one of those storm doors on the house. This was added onto the part of the house he had built. Well, one day I decide to go and sit on the steps with my back to the storm door. One of my sisters decides that she wants to come out of the house through that particular door. In my mind, she should go through another door. So, she pushes the door in an attempt to get out, and me being me, I push back. We continue pushing against one another until, lo and behold, we alter that bottom aluminum part of the door. We are both shocked and terrified. We have “broken” the door. We desperately try to fix it, but to no avail.

The parents were away from home and that was the longest wait ever.

When they returned home, we were in for the whoopings of our lives.
I laugh now, but not then.

Later I will write about my most deserving whooping. Yes, I did deserve it.

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My sister and I were watching the news and things just got a lil weird:

Reporter: 10 inches of rain fell
Me: 10 inches, that’s not a lot…….oh, yes it is
Sis: That is a lot, it’s almost a ruler deep.
Me: A ruler?
Sis: Yes, a school ruler.
Me: A school ruler? Why couldn’t you say almost foot?
Sis: Because isn’t a school ruler 12 inches?
Me: But who would think to say that, it’s almost a ruler?
Sis: Most people don’t know those rulers are 12 inches

We both laugh at the thought of this.

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Sabbaths are usually the funniest and craziest times in our household. Because there are no outside distractions, such as television, secular readings, etc., we are forced given the opportunity to be creative with our time. During these hours, we do spend a great deal of time together. Never have quite understood that.  And in spending this time together, if one is aware of the opportunity, you can learn soo much about the person you grew up with.


What I learned about my sister: she can totally mess up a children’s story


Friday night:


Sis: what is the name of that fairy tale where the woman throws down her hair from the castle? “Rotunda, Rotunda throw your hair down.”

Me: I don’t know.

Sis: yes, you do, stop playing. I know you read it to your students.

Me: Why would I read that to my students?

Sis: Is her name Rosetta? “Rosetta, Rosetta throw your hair down.”

Me: laughing hysterically

Sis to 2nd sis: What’s that lady’s name, is it Rotunda?

2nd sis: Rotunda? Yes, that’s her name.

Me: smiling

Sis: Tell me, please.

Me: Her name is Rapunzel.

Sis: That’s it, Rapunzel. “Rapunzel, Rapunzel throw down your hair.”

Me: It’s not throw down, it’s let down your hair.  



Saturday morning:


Mom: Are you ready?

Me: Are you ready to go?

Mom: I just need to put my dress on. I have done my hair and put on my stockings.

Me: okay

mom leaves and goes to “put her dress on”

*(20 minutes later)
mom emerges from her room after just “putting on her dress”
Mom: can we go to church, I don’t wanna be late

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