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Happy Birthday! Graphic


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                                                                         Proud Graphic

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Happy Birthday
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He Came Through For Me

Last week I was worried because I hadn’t found a speaker for our youth day at church. It had gotten to the point where I was about to call my pastor and let him essentially “have it” and voice my opinion about me doing his job. That’s not something I get paid to do. But, I guess I’ll save that speech for next month, b/c my brother came through for me.

Kristopher did an awesome job speaking yesterday at church. If you’re wondering, no, it wasn’t a sermon but more like a discussion. He involved the congregation and got everyone talking about our church and the challenges we face. He invited me to discuss with him, but I didn’t say much, it really was all him. He showed maturity that often goes unrecognized and spoke very intelligently. Not only did he speak well, but he volunteered to do the children’s story and it was one that both the children and adults learned from. I am proud of him and thank him for what he did for me/us yesterday.

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Even Mom Barks

Jay: Woof, woof and other dog sounds.
Mom: Where y’all get all this barking and howling from?
Me: Ma, what’s going on? Whatcha talking about?
Mom: All this barking and stuff. I don’t know where they get that mess from.
Me: Who?
Mom: All of them. Jay, Buddie…everytime you see Kristopher he’s howling and barking. pause They say they get it from Buddie.
Me: What they do?
Mom starts barking and howling.
Me: lol
Mom: Now they have me barking.

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