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It was Spring Break last week and for some unknown reason, I thought it would be great to close my eyes and hand over my bank card. No, really I wouldn’t just hand over my card blindly, but I did spend quite a good amount of money taking care of vehicle maintenance and hair maintenance. And when it’s all said and done, the vehicle’s safe and my hair looks FANTABULOUS.


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I haven’t really been into Christmas shopping and gift giving in a couple of years now. But, for some unknown reason, I’m baaaaaaaack. That is too funny. I have done so much shopping since Black Friday, that I am now freaking out when I’m online. It’s a struggle to stay off websites buying and looking through stuff in hopes of finding that one “great” sale price. For this reason and for my lack of restraint, I’m now rushing Christmas to get here. I know that this is just me getting a thrill and getting in the spirit, but it’s costing me money, and lots of it. I did, however, get something I really wanted, so I’m guessing all is not lost. But, Christmas, come and come quickly.

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