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Today I thought that I would write about things that puzzle me. This list can and may change whenever the fancy strikes me.

1. Why do people like to crowd around my door and hold conversations that are much too loud?
2. Why do children run through houses?
3. Why is it only cool in the house when certain people visit?
4. Why does the word “potty” bring the same emotions to a child as the word “death”?
5. Why do some people talk loudly to one another; people who are clearly within whispering distance.
6. Why aren’t some people taught how to properly close doors?
7. Why do people expect you to answer questions that are clearly rhetorical?
8. Why do people delegate you to do things that you are clearly not interested in? Should I expect to get compensated?
9. Why does my brother get nervous, yes it’s that apparent, whenever he enters my room?
10. Why do people think that they should be trusted, ALWAYS?

Just a few things that puzzle me currently. Enjoy.


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