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Today I’m just going to write about a few things that have been on my mind and have made me say, hmmm.

Here goes:

  • Why does John McCain insist that he has been tested? I may be missing something here, but when was he ever president? How can one be tested at a position that he/she has never occupied?

  • Why exactly did John McCain pick Sarah Palin?

  • Why didn’t Barack Obama pick Hillary Clinton?

  • Will Sarah Palin really donate her wardrobe to charity?

  • Will the votes from this election be counted fairly?

  • Why can’t somebody, anybody make a voting machine that REALLY works?

  • Is there really such a thing as a true Republican or a true Democrat?

  • Will the electoral college be done away with?

  • Why is Natasha nicknamed Sasha instead of Tasha?

  • Is it better to do early voting?


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Yes We Carve

It’s fall, Halloween and the presidential election are approaching and people are picking pumpkins and finding creative ways to carve them to endorse a candidae . Now, I’m not a pumpkin carver, but I do enjoy looking at ones that are cute and carved creatively. Yes We Carve  is a website that shows political pumpkin carvings that people all over have done in support of Barack Obama. I thought this website was very creative and seems to be getting a lot of buzz. I never thought that this was a trend, but I guess so. I like the pumpkins and since I WON’T be carving any, I’ll just admire the work of others.

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ve been inundated with ads and messages both supporting and criticizing the two men who vie for the position of President of the United States of America. I’ve never been really invested or interested in politics, but be it age, maturity, or the array of candidates, for some reason I’m “all in this presidential election”. The two candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain met again today at Belmont Unversity, in the 2nd presidential debate. This debate was a town hall-like setting and that suppposedly plays to McCain’s strengths, but IMO he didn’t fair too well. This debate was to be for the undecided and I hope they got the answers they needed tonight to make an intelligent decision in the election this year.

I usually don’t like these debates, but this one tonight was fantastic. I LOVED IT

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This week the Democratic party held their convention in Denver. This is my first time following politics so closely and I was intent on paying attention to all that was sure to come. I followed the speeches and events nightly and thought I was going to be disappointed thinking the Dems were missing key opportunities to reach new and undecided voters. That was until last night. Last night was amazing…just spectactular. Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech as the Democratic Presidential Nominee. More on that later, let me do my recap first.

The first night Michelle Obama spoke and did a great job reintroducing herself to the public and putting the questions concerning her love for country to rest. Sen. Hillary Clinton spoke Tuesday and she came out punching as well, urging her supporters to support Barack Obama because they weren’t involved in this election because of her, it was for America’s well-being. I thought that was an excellent point. On Wednesday, former President Clinton spoke and did great, as expected. In his speech he expressed that critics said that he, too was inexperienced. And we all know how successful his administration was. After all the wonderful speeches, I was ready to hear from Barack Obama.

Barack Obama came out and I thought he was going to be the same Obama I had seen in the past. At first, he was the same Obama, but he got into his speech and I saw a different, tougher Obama. He spelled out the issues and supplied answers to how he would get those issues solved. I saw the passion on his face and heard it in his voice. On the 45th anniversary of the “I Have A Dream” speech, Barack Obama delivered a message of hope and change and a call for a new America.

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Last night as I watched Barack Obama give his speech in St. Paul, I felt a great deal of pride and allegiance. The speech was possibly one of the best I had heard. Now he is a great speaker, but last night there was something different with his look and tone. One could see the humility on his face as well as the determination to move on. As an African-American, I am proud of what he has been able to accomplish. As an American, I am prouder of what this country has allowed to occur.

I know that the road ahead for Barack and his family is going to be a long one, but just as he took one day at a time in the primary, he will take one day at a time in the general election. I believe in his campaign and I  that he is the best candidate for president. But besides all of that, I think that right now we should put aside all of the disagreements and reflect on what this great moment in history means and how it will/will not make a difference for the future.

So for me, I congratulate you, Barack Obama, on this major accomplishment and milestone.

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