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Happy Birthday Pooh

Happy Birthday! Graphic


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I thought I’d share this because in actuality it was quite funny.

On the 4th of July, we were outside eating our barbecue, corn, and all the other delicious fixings. NuNu was so hungry that she got her plate before anyone and gulped it down in one bite ate it all up, being careful to chew her food completely. So NuNu eats and wants some more food. Pooh fixes her another plate, but this time she didn’t eat much. She leaves an ear of corn and some baked beans on the plate. I know that NuNu is going to be starving hungry in about an hour so I tell KiKi “take that corn in the house.” I look up and see KiKi take the corn off the plate with her hands and proceed into the house to put up for later. I immediately tell her that she doesn’t need to take it in the house, just put it back on the plate and throw it all in the garbage.

I now know that when I want something done, be specific with the instructions.

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Sabbaths are usually the funniest and craziest times in our household. Because there are no outside distractions, such as television, secular readings, etc., we are forced given the opportunity to be creative with our time. During these hours, we do spend a great deal of time together. Never have quite understood that.  And in spending this time together, if one is aware of the opportunity, you can learn soo much about the person you grew up with.


What I learned about my sister: she can totally mess up a children’s story


Friday night:


Sis: what is the name of that fairy tale where the woman throws down her hair from the castle? “Rotunda, Rotunda throw your hair down.”

Me: I don’t know.

Sis: yes, you do, stop playing. I know you read it to your students.

Me: Why would I read that to my students?

Sis: Is her name Rosetta? “Rosetta, Rosetta throw your hair down.”

Me: laughing hysterically

Sis to 2nd sis: What’s that lady’s name, is it Rotunda?

2nd sis: Rotunda? Yes, that’s her name.

Me: smiling

Sis: Tell me, please.

Me: Her name is Rapunzel.

Sis: That’s it, Rapunzel. “Rapunzel, Rapunzel throw down your hair.”

Me: It’s not throw down, it’s let down your hair.  



Saturday morning:


Mom: Are you ready?

Me: Are you ready to go?

Mom: I just need to put my dress on. I have done my hair and put on my stockings.

Me: okay

mom leaves and goes to “put her dress on”

*(20 minutes later)
mom emerges from her room after just “putting on her dress”
Mom: can we go to church, I don’t wanna be late

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