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A friend and I were having a conversation about punishment. Actually she was talking about the punishments she received as a child. As she was talking, she said, “You didn’t get punishments as a child.” WHATEVER….I have no idea where she got that from, because we got our behinds whooped. I remember the worst whooping I ever received. I now realize I was indeed in the wrong, but at the time I thought my dad was wrong for disciplining me.

Well, here is how the story goes:
My dad had just installed one of those storm doors on the house. This was added onto the part of the house he had built. Well, one day I decide to go and sit on the steps with my back to the storm door. One of my sisters decides that she wants to come out of the house through that particular door. In my mind, she should go through another door. So, she pushes the door in an attempt to get out, and me being me, I push back. We continue pushing against one another until, lo and behold, we alter that bottom aluminum part of the door. We are both shocked and terrified. We have “broken” the door. We desperately try to fix it, but to no avail.

The parents were away from home and that was the longest wait ever.

When they returned home, we were in for the whoopings of our lives.
I laugh now, but not then.

Later I will write about my most deserving whooping. Yes, I did deserve it.


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