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If someone asked me “how was church Saturday”, I would definitely say it was great, because it really and truly was. But, if that same person asked me “what was the sermon about”, I would honestly say I have no idea. I know it sounds crazy and it probably is, and even though I was in church and paying attention, for the most part, I don’t know what my pastor preached about.

My pastor is a very talented man and it seems as if he can get a sermon from any situation and/or life experience and Saturday this was definitely shown. I know the sermon had something to do with V8 Fusion and him taking his car to a mechanic to get it checked out. But the experience that touched me and moved me was the story he told of him and fellow pastors putting up tents for campmeeting. This may not sound moving, but he explained that it was the middle of the summer, in the sweltering heat and he told of how the only way that he could get what he needed, water, was by getting down on his knees and looking up.

This may not sound like a big deal, but when using that illustration in the context of our lives, that’s all we need to do when things are going bad AND when they seem great, fall on our knees and look up toward Jesus.  He is our answer to all of our problems and if we would just keep our eyes stayed on Him, He would keep us in the ark of safety and always protect us.

I was definitely moved and hope the sermon helped others, as well.


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Church was excellent today. Lately, at least for me, church has truly been a blessing and today was no different. Bro. J gave the sermon and he used a house to illustrate the sermon. He pointed out that just as a house must be built on a strong foundation with strong supports and materials, so shall our lives, specifically our spiritual body. He brought to my attention that the things we put in our body are the things will come out. Today I was reminded to always and constantly build up my spiritual body.

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Sabbaths are usually the funniest and craziest times in our household. Because there are no outside distractions, such as television, secular readings, etc., we are forced given the opportunity to be creative with our time. During these hours, we do spend a great deal of time together. Never have quite understood that.  And in spending this time together, if one is aware of the opportunity, you can learn soo much about the person you grew up with.


What I learned about my sister: she can totally mess up a children’s story


Friday night:


Sis: what is the name of that fairy tale where the woman throws down her hair from the castle? “Rotunda, Rotunda throw your hair down.”

Me: I don’t know.

Sis: yes, you do, stop playing. I know you read it to your students.

Me: Why would I read that to my students?

Sis: Is her name Rosetta? “Rosetta, Rosetta throw your hair down.”

Me: laughing hysterically

Sis to 2nd sis: What’s that lady’s name, is it Rotunda?

2nd sis: Rotunda? Yes, that’s her name.

Me: smiling

Sis: Tell me, please.

Me: Her name is Rapunzel.

Sis: That’s it, Rapunzel. “Rapunzel, Rapunzel throw down your hair.”

Me: It’s not throw down, it’s let down your hair.  



Saturday morning:


Mom: Are you ready?

Me: Are you ready to go?

Mom: I just need to put my dress on. I have done my hair and put on my stockings.

Me: okay

mom leaves and goes to “put her dress on”

*(20 minutes later)
mom emerges from her room after just “putting on her dress”
Mom: can we go to church, I don’t wanna be late

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