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All of us are used at some point in our lives, but now I’m a lil tired of being used. Here’s the scoop: My pastor informed me at the beginning of the year that we would have a youth day every month on the fourth Saturday. Now you would say, “that’s cool, so what?” Well, the kicker comes when he suggests that I be in charge of putting these programs together and selecting a speaker. If I’m not mistaken, “Isn’t that his job?” Doesn’t he get paid to beg recruit prospective speakers and invite them in “his” pulpit?

The first two months I was okay with finding speakers, but now notsomuch. My mood can sometimes change with the wind. I feel pressured and this month, because I’ve only been in my home church once, I feel rushed. With me feeling like this, it’s not a good sign for me, the pastor, or the upcoming church service.

What am I to do? I’m not even certain I’ll be in town this Saturday. I hope I have an epiphany or something soon. It’s not looking good though.


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