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UniverSoul Circus


We went to the UniverSoul Circus in Memphis about 2 weeks ago. It was AMAZING!!!!!” I had so much fun and really enjoyed the show. I was sitting really close to the performers and even sometimes too close, as in the case when the elephants came out. Although the show was kind of fast-paced, it was well worth the money and time. It lasted about 2 1/2 hours and was filled with acts throughout. The only act I was truly unable to watch was the one in which the girls and boy twisted their bodies in all these weird positions. That was too much for me. But, overall, it was GREAT.


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By the time this posts, hopefully I’ll be in Texas after riding allllll night long.

I’ve decided to give my mom a trip to Texas to visit my sis as her Christmas present. When I awoke this morning I didn’t know that traveling to Texas would be in my future, but since my mom deserves it so very much and wanted to “get out the house”, it seemed harmless. So, we’re headed there for a couple of days. And to think, my mom only wanted a digital camera and some baking supplies for Christmas. If I have to say so myself, I think she’d much rather have the trip, but knowing her, she wants all of the aforementioned gifts.

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